About Black Lives, Black Words International Project

Black Lives, Black Words is the definition of Activist Theatre. 

Dedicated to social justice, Black Lives Black Words International Project commissions, develops and produces bold and unapologetic artistic responses to current social and political issues. 

Through exciting partnerships with like-minded arts and academia institutions, BLBW commissions new plays and films widening the accessibility to mainstream institutions and increasing the visibility of new and existing POC artists. 

The ambition of BLBW has led to create a successful pathway to artistic employment opportunities in the arts for POC creatives across the globe.

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A Playwright has a sacred task stemming back from ancient times of the griot, as the politicians, the preachers, and the prophets of their times gathering the people together and guiding them through stories toward a better world.

Black Lives, Black Words was started because we felt there needed to be an opportunity for Black Playwrights to speak out against the sins committed in this world inflicted upon black bodies: Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, and the countless many others. 

Bringing together local Black artists and having them work with directors of color to speak against the injustices in an unfiltered way and to speak directly to the communities that they are connected to. Which resulted in raw, urgent and exciting new writing that was socially and politically tied to the Black Lives Matter discussions. From city to city, Black Lives, Black Words has remained an event that is accessible and affordable to all. Embraced by a wide range of different theatres that vary in capacity, playing to houses from 70 to 300 audience members. Selling out in every venue.

Just thinking about the journey that I've been so fortunate to have been on since 2015, with 'Black Lives, Black Words' and the many people that have joined along. There isn't anything particularly revolutionary about what 'Black Lives, Black Words' is doing in and of itself, it's the fact that we are doing what so many organizations and institutions that have scammed off of the diversity and inclusion discussion, and that have the resources should be doing or failing to do, which is what makes us a revolutionary theatrical endeavour. Giving artists of color actual control over their own narratives, and giving the community voice, access, and space to be heard, as well as bridging communities with a shared global dialogue. If more institutional theatres honestly did that, actually cared about the communities they are a part of, actually embraced what theatre is suppose to do, then 'Black Lives, Black Words' wouldn't be so necessary for the global theatrical discussion.

Reginald Edmund 

Managing Curating Producer

Black Lives, Black Words International Project

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So far Black Lives, Black Words has served two continents, three countries, seven cities,and have provided voice to over sixty writers, and have placed over 200+ actors on stage to help tell the world that, 

"Yes, Black Lives do MATTER!!!"


Managing Curating Producer

Reginald Edmund

Executive Producer

Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway

Senior Coordinating Producer – UK

Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway

Senior Coordinating Producer – Canada

Mel Hague

Senior Coordinating Producers – US

Kyle Haden

Senior Producing Coordinator

B.B. Cooper

Public Relations Specialist

Kennan Carnegie

Black Lives, Black Words- Advisory Board

Kemati Porter, Harry Waters Jr.,

Reginald McKamie Sr., Sean Daniels, Gerry McIntyre, 

Keith Arthur Bolden, Rebecca Reynolds, Gwydion Suilebhan, Addae Afura Moon, 

Randolph Carnegie, Valerie Curtis-Newton, Raymond Bobgan, Philip Akin, Michael Halberstam

Black Lives, Black Words – Artistic Associates

Courttia Newland (London), Wardell Julius Clark (Chicago),

Idris Goodwin (Denver), LeeLee Davis (Toronto), Andre

Richardson Hogan II (Chicago), Shariba Rivers (Chicago),

Aaron Todd Douglas (Chicago), Nambi E. Kelley (New York) B.B. Cooper (Chicago),

Elana Elyce (Chicago), Daryl Brooks (Chicago), Eric Walker

(Houston), Destiny Strothers (Chicago), Charlita Williams

(Chicago), Jeff Kirkman III (Washington, DC), Quintin Talley

(Charlotte), Ana Velazquez (Chicago), Rachel DuBose

(Chicago), Osiris Khepera (Chicago), Loy Webb (Chicago),

Dominique Morisseau (Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Detroit),

Guadalís Del Carmen (New York), Nicole Michelle Haskins

(Detroit, Chicago), Kevin N. Holt (Chicago), Angela Alise

(Chicago), Ilesa Duncan (Chicago), Luke Reece (Toronto),

Marsha Estell (Chicago), Erynn Mackenzie (Chicago), Harrison David Rivers (Saint

Paul), Wendy ‘Motion’ Brathwaite (Toronto),  Tasia A. Jones (Chicago) 

Toma Langston (Chicago), Aaron C. Holland (Chicago), 

Tiffany Nichole Greene (Houston/Dallas), Kyle Haden (Pittsburgh), 

Mel Hague (Toronto), Ashley Honore Roberson (Chicago)  Katrina D. Richard (Chicago)

Hana Anderson (Chicago), Kayla McCarthy (Minneapolis), 

Chisa Hutchinson (New York), LaKethia Dalcoe (Houston / New York)