Full Script Proofreading


[This service focuses on spelling, grammar, and formatting errors in screenplays.]

Before you send out your script for ANY consideration, allow it to be fine-toothed combed by a professional. Submit a .PDF of your full pilot or feature screenplay, and your proofreader will send it back to you in 2-3 weeks marked up with comments and necessary fixes so that you can see where the technical errors were and avoid falling into the same traps going forward! Please note that when a formatting error is consistent throughout your script, standard procedure is the editor will mark the first few instances and explain the rule so that you know how to address it throughout, but not every instance of the same formatting mistake will be annotated.

For 48-Hr. Rush Service: The 48 hours starts from the time you complete your material submission.

Contact: rmckamiejr@gmail.com or reginaldedmund@yahoo.com  for submisson and price details.

48-Hour Rush Service?

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