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Class Registration for 2020 is now open

Since the start of BLBW, we have worked with over 80 playwrights who have demonstrated their commitment to expand a diversity of diasporic experiences and thus, allowing audiences from a wide range of cultural backgrounds to see a reflection of themselves on and off stage. These plays have allowed artists and audiences to laugh, cry, unite and be consoled during these politically challenging times, bringing the true meaning to black lives matter.
At BLBW we are committed to develop, advocate and promote our BLBW writers and to demonstrate how necessary and important it is to have both authorship and ownership on our experiences.
We are excited to share our vision of 2020 with you and provide a detailed description of three exciting new classes. We are offer classes in Playwriting, Adapting Novels to Stage, and From Stage to Screen. 

Sign up and join the revolution.



Taught by Dominic Taylor

Oct. 4th, 2020- 2pm PST/ 4 pm CST

August Wilson claimed that his 4 B's - Blues, Amiri Baraka, Romaine Bearden, and Jorge Luis Borges were the 4 main influences on his aesthetic. 

In this 2-hour workshop, Dominic Taylor will have you mine your cultural connnections to come up with a scaffolding to make new, provocative, and culturally connected work. 

Knowledge of For Colored Girls, The Colored Museum, and Mojo and the Sayso are helpful but not essential. Come with your imagination and desire to grow. 


Taught by Reginald Edmund

Oct. 18th, 2020- 4pm PST/ 6 pm CST

Taking a look at HBO's hit tv series Lovecraft Country, award-winning playwright Reginald Edmund, in a two-hour workshop will guide you in the fundamentals of world-building. Through a series of brainstorming sessions and writing exercises you'll learn how to set the scene, map out your world, and look at history to create exciting narratives. Writing will share pieces of what they've created and receive peer and instructor feedback.